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"Do you see your opportunities as adventures?

Then we'll make a good match! We see working with you as a great adventure!"

A collaboration that delivers

We can't survive without our dealers. Together with you, we want to get the most out of our adventure. That's why you can expect us to do everything possible to contribute to your success. One of the biggest advantages of Micmacbags is that you can buy from our stock every day, even if you only need individual items. This allows you to buy items on the basis of what you need, and removes the uncertainty of presales. Moreover, it reduces the risk of overstocking.


That's a nice bonus!

Besides a fair price and high quality products, we believe it is important to support our retailers as much as possible. Our customers have an image bank at their disposal, with both atmospheric images and functional product photographs. Twice a year, we publish a magazine that you can give to your customers for free.